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Connect your skills to business
Owners who need it the most

Join hundreds of advisors committed to the success of their fellow local business owners being a HUUB Advisor is an opportunity to give back to your community with your skills.

How it works

We match you to local business owners and entrepreneurs
that need your expertise.


Business owners will submit a support request with their needs. Most businesses will need help clarifying these needs and will likely have a lot of questions on how to solve their problem.


You meet virtually with the business owner to help them with guidance and if necessary scope tactical work. You are expected to help them with as much as possible. HUUB Advisors are not a coaching service, we deliver tactical support.


You complete the scoped work and the business approves final completion. All files/work is delivered and the business owner signs off that you have successfully completed the work.


You have helped a business overcome a challenge that they never could have solved without you! You get paid within 30 days!

Advisor Requirements

We are always looking for diverse experts who come from a variety of backgrounds that represent the wide backgrounds of our community. Women and people of color are highly encouraged to apply. See what we're looking for in our expert advisors.


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Join a diverse network of experts across different industries.

Website Improvements

Can you build or fix websites?

Automate Operations

Are you an automations and operations nut?

New Design

Can you design marketing strategies or collateral?

Financials Cleanup

Do you know the ins and outs of tax prep or book keeping?

SEO Audit

Can you review and build a checklist of ways to improve the searchability.

Legal Review

Be an early adopter and get exclusive offers!

Want to contribute your expertise?

Are you interested in giving back to your community? Are you known for being the best in your field? Love your local business community? Be a part of raising up our small businesses. Join our advisor network.


What kind of commitment is expected?

On average, advisors are expected to commit up to 20 hours a year in support. You are also expected to provide timely reports on your work provided to entrepreneurs. An average project consists of an initial meeting, a scope of work and a work completion summary. On average these take no more than 5-10 minutes to complete.

What kind of experience do I need to qualify as an advisor?

We typically look for diverse experts in common categories of support (marketing, web, finance, legal, operations). We also expect advisors to have at least 5 years of experience consulting and serving small businesses with tactical support.

Is this a paid opportunity?

Yes, you will be compensated for your time. We have a standard rate for all advisors in our program. You also have the option to donate your payment to our scholarship fund.

Why must we have experience in supporting small businesses?

There are many unique challenges in helping small business owners and it is important to understand the nuances. While it is not required you have small business support experience, it is a factor in our decision making process.

What am I responsible for?

You will be responsible for attending your advisee booking on time and following up with a business owner if they do not show up. You are also responsible for reporting and submitting scopes of work for the work you propose.

What is HUUB responsible for?

HUUB is responsible for advisee matching and project management of your proposed work. That means we follow up with you to make sure all your paperwork is filed on time so you can get paid, projects are completed successfully and business owners are getting the support they need. We produce the invoices and you produce the outcomes.
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