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From professional and personal development programs to opportunities to truly connect with people, we have weekly events for members and non-members alike. We strive to provide access, continued learning and a collaborative community for all. 

Getting Ready for the Holiday Shopping Season

Online Event

Maximize holiday marketing: targeting, promos, inventory. Boost sales with actionable strategies and case studies.The presentation will cover various aspects of holiday season marketing, including customer targeting, product selection, promotional strategies, and inventory management. It will provide insights into how businesses can leverage the holiday season to drive sales and increase revenue. With practical examples and […]

Copywriting Mastery Made Easy: 6 Simple Tactics to Elevate Your Writing

CO+HOOTS 221 E Indianola Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85012, Phoenix, AZ, US

Level up your copywriting! 6 practical tips to boost conversions, attract more customers effortlessly, and unleash your copy's potential.Unlock the secrets of impactful copywriting! Join us for an engaging masterclass where you'll discover 6 practical tips to instantly enhance your copy. Learn proven tactics to skyrocket conversion rates, attract more customers effortlessly, and boost revenue […]

Revolutionizing Content Creation: Leveraging AI to Improve Your Website

CO+HOOTS Mesa 225 E Main St Suite 201, Mesa, AZ 85201, Mesa, AZ, US

Elevate your content strategy with AI! Learn to enhance, not replace, human creativity for more impactful results. #AIContentMasteryThis dynamic session will unveil how Artificial Intelligence can be wielded as a powerful instrument to augment your content strategy without entirely replacing the human touch. Discover how AI can streamline content creation processes, amplify effectiveness, and predict […]

Social Media: How to Use Canva to Create Content

Online Event

Master Canva for stunning social media content that elevates your online presence. Join us and turn your ideas into shareable visuals!Learn to use Canva for captivating social media content that boosts your social media. Led by the Arizona Microcredit Initiative, this class teaches you the skills to create eye-catching visuals and engaging posts. Come with your business […]

Incredible Small Business Scripting in Half an Hour

Online Event

Learn video scriptwriting using Steven's POSO outline in a 30-minute lab. Craft a compelling ad script for your business.In this training lab, participants will learn how to quickly draft a script for a video advertisement using Steven's POSO outline. He'll also cover the essential elements of an engaging videoBy the end of the 30-minute session, […]

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