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Some of the benefits HUUB members can access. If you’d like to partner with us to provide HUUB members amazing perks, drop us a note.

1Password, 3 Months Free

Feel like taking control of your wild password collection, and optimizing your business day? 3 Months Free! Without a password manager, it's tough to stay safe and organized.
1Password remembers them all for you. Save your passwords and log in to sites with a single click. It's that simple. Create, Store, and share your passwords with others.
CO+HOOTS members are allowed a FREE 3-month trial to any 1Password plan, upon making an account at
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Amazon Web Services, $1,000 in credit and 2 months of support

$1,000 in AWS credit and 2 months of AWS business support! Visit the AWS Activate webpage to apply using the following*:
1) URL:
2) Organization ID (case-sensitive): sunt
3) Be sure to provide your AWS Account ID when you apply. Promotional Credits will be added to the account number you submit with this application.
4) Please sign up using your company e-mail address. Personal email addresses complicate tracking and billing inquiries in the future.
5) Wait for CO+HOOTS administrator to confirm your membership and discount.
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BREX card, get $500

Know a startup that could benefit from Brex? Sign up and get $500 gift card when you spend your first $1,000.
The First Corporate Card for Startups Now with the Most Valuable Rewards Program. 7X on Rideshare, 4X on Brex Travel, 3X on Restaurants, 2X on Recurring Software. Sign Up.
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Design Pickle, $399/mo

Unlimited graphic design support for just $399/mo. Use code "COHOOTS"
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Fancy Hands 50% off your first month Virtual Assistant

Want some things knocked off your todo list? Check out our subscription plans and get started with Fancy Hands today. I signed up for Fancy Hands and I’m pretty excited to hand off some of my work. Thought you’d be interested too. As a bonus, you'll get 50% off of your first month.
Check it out!
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Gusto Payroll, Get $200 gift card

Gusto is, hands down, the easiest way to pay employees. Their software is super simple, customer support is fantastic, and the price can’t be beat. They even take care of all my taxes and filings. Now I can run my business without worrying if everything’s kosher with the government — because I know it is.
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Heckler Design

Minimalist objects made in Phoenix, Arizona and shipped directly from our factory to lucky customers all over the world.
Heckler Design creates beautifully simple, commercial-grade hardware and furniture for design-conscious consumers and businesses. They are best known for office products and their WindFall product line of secure tablet stands & mounts used the point of sale and ProAV industries. Heckler Design is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, and all products are made in America. Learn more at
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Hiver Collaborative Email, 10% off

Get the collaborative email your team deserves, for cheaper! Hiver allows teams to manage your conversations as one unit!
Get the collaborative email your team deserves, for cheaper! Hiver allows teams to manage a single inbox from multiple accounts, with the use of assignment/distribution of threads, and lightning fast synchronization! Now 10% off for co+hoots members at
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Invoice Ninja, 1 Free Year

Want to invoice your customers professionally? 1 year FREE! Want to invoice your customers professionally yet easily? You’ll need more than WORD and Paypal. You need a simply invoicing system that gives you a wide range of features.
There’s no reason for invoicing to be complicated. Create & send professional looking invoices, receive payments, send reminders for overdue invoices, track time you work on client projects, track your income – with no advanced computer or accounting knowledge necessary.
CO+HOOTS members can use this link to receive 1 year completely free!
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Nature's Purpose, 15% off first order

Receive 15% off your first order of Nature's Purpose Meals!
Use code COHOOTS15 for 15% off your first delivery of Nature's Purpose meals! Ask them to deliver to CO+HOOTS on Monday. If multiple members order, your delivery fee will be split! Find a coworker + get some healthy meals together!
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Moving to business cloud communications has never been easier.
Headquartered in Scottsdale, AZ, Nextiva is one of the country's fastest-growing providers of cloud-based business communications solutions. We offer a simple approach that is radically altering the economics of one of the top operating expenses within an organization.
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Oi Furniture

Fun. Easy. Eco. Say hello to Cellular™ modular furniture by Oi.
Fun. Easy. Eco. These are the values that underpin Cellular™ by Oi. Having been installed in commons and lounge areas across North America, early adopters marvel at how fun, flexible, scaleable, creative, and their environments have become since their installation.
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$24/month + $5 per employee with your first 3 months FREE*!

*See terms & conditions
Payroll that works smarter, not harder Stop crunching numbers with the app that lets you onboard employees, pay your team, and handle taxes—right from your mobile device. Special offer for CO+HOOTS & HUUB members Run payroll for just $24/month + $5 per employee with your first 3 months FREE*!
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3 months of free service along with a lifetime 25% discount

Streak is a CRM built into Gmail. It's perfect for startup founders to manage the email based processes they care about most - sales, hiring and fundraising. HUUB companies get not only our best pricing (3 months of free service along with a lifetime 25% discount) but also a dedicated chat with our team on how to set up the perfect fundraising, sales or hiring process for your business. To redeem, simply email:

UBER EATS, get $20 with code

Get $5 with code on your first order: eats-h4i9g Get the food you want, from restaurants you love, delivered at Uber speed.
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